Supercharged learning
with the power of AI.

Our adaptive platform lets you learn things faster and remember them for longer.

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Key features

Just a few of the things that make us special.

Pick a subject Choose from courses created by universities, publishers, and other users. Our extensive catalog has something to offer for everyone.
Roll your own Upload your problem sheets, textbooks, and other materials. We'll help you annotate them, extract knowledge points, and create problem sets to practice with.
Optimal learning We keep track of what you know, so we can present you with the readings and problems that will help you make the fastest progress towards your goals.
Maintain your knowledge We'll gently nudge you with refreshers, at just the right time so you don't forget what you've learned before.
Collaborate Share annotations, problem sets, and more with the community. The most helpful resources rise to the top.
Rich interfaces From simple flashcards to interactive experiences. A varied format helps keep you engaged and learning for longer.
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Ditch the overhead and just learn.

Planning, making notes and flashcards, checking solutions to problems, even keeping track of your strengths and weaknesses. All of these take time.

We give you tools to handle these chores quickly and focus on what really matters: the learning itself.

An AI-optimized path to your learning goals.

Our algorithms continually analyze your progress and performance to give you the right readings and exercises at the right time for you.

This allows us to create an ever-evolving optimal path to your learning goals, strengthening your weaknesses without wasting time revisiting things you already know.

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